Nick Totten
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  • Location: Psychosynthesis Trust
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Join author and psychotherapist Nick Totton for this 2 hour seminar on re-wilding therapy.

6th October, 7pm-9pm

£15 + booking fee

Therapy is by nature wild; but a lot of it at the moment is rather tame...

Psychotherapy has recently experienced the turn to relationality, and the turn to the body. Now we are beginning to see the turn outside – out of the consulting room, out of the obsessive focus on the private world of humans, and towards a realisation that we are wholly dependent on the wider world of which we are a part, on the other than human and more than human, on the wildness that surrounds and contains our familiar domesticity.

In this presentation Nick will explore two areas:

Firstly, the practice of taking therapy outdoors – why we do it, how we do it, and how it changes the therapeutic frame and process.

Secondly, what happens when we bring the outdoors back into the therapy room: how it leads us to revise our conceptions of what therapy is, and of the relationship between individuals and larger networks, in ways which support a deeper, humbler and wilder approach to our work.

Nick Totton says:

I am a psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor with nearly 35 years’ experience. I originally trained as a neo-Reichian body psychotherapist, since when my approach has become broad based and open to the spontaneous and unexpected. I established a training in my own synthesis, Embodied-Relational Therapy, which has been thriving for around twenty years. My book Wild Therapy (one of eleven so far) is published by PCCS Books. I have a grown up daughter. I live in Cornwall with my partner and grow vegetables.

The Trust is also offering a 2 day workshop "Re-wilding the Imagination" on October 7th & 8th 2017 - click here for more info.