Allan Frater

Core Trainer, Study Tutor
Courses: Essentials, Foundations, PGDiploma

In his teaching and psychotherapy practice, Allan is interested in developing the ‘craft’ of a soul-centred approach, one that emphasises image work and a conception of psyche that includes the personal self alongside the wider community, culture, environment

Allan says: “I first came to the Psychosynthesis Trust via an open evening in 2003. At that time I was looking for a new direction in my life. I had been meditating and practicing within a Buddhist context for over ten years and had come to think that I needed a more detailed ‘map’ to better understand my particular brand of human suffering. I can still remember that open evening and the host of initial impressions I made about the place (spacious, grounded) and the people (friendly, quirky, articulate)”

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