Dermod Moore

Courses: Foundations, PGDiploma

Dermod first walked into the Trust in 1998, and hasn't been the same since. The qualities of openness, humour and respect, and the belief that we're all doing the best we can are what attracted him to train here.

A former actor and speech and drama teacher, Dermod is also a writer. He is currently Chair of the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy, and is on the steering committee of the Irish Psychosynthesis Practitioners' Network. He works for a low-cost government-funded psychotherapy service in inner-city Dublin, as well as in private practice. A supervisor, psychotherapist and trainer, he spent three years counselling with an alcohol service in London's East End, and in his practice, has a particular interest in addictive patterns, creative blocks, and sex and sexuality.

Dermod says: “The Trust has a lot to offer: an inclusiveness, a sense of belonging, and it is second-to-none in the skills it imparts to its students in meaning-making. Since graduating in 2004, I’ve realised that the training I received at the Trust was also rigorous, comprehensive and of sufficiently high quality to enable me to work in teams of many different modalities and disciplines with confidence and curiosity. It's a great training, and it's a privilege to be part of the training team.”

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