Visiting Trainer
Courses: PGDiploma, Masters

Massimo Rosselli was born and lives in Florence, Italy. As a student at the Institute of Psychosynthesis in Florence he was trained by Roberto Assagioli becoming one of his early collaborators. He co-founded SIPT (Società Italiana di Psicosintesi Terapeutica) for the training of psychotherapists in 1973.

Massimo has a particularly interest in teaching and training in the area of the body in psychosynthesis (biopsychosynthesis) from a diagnostic and psychotherapeutic perspective, and global psychosynthesis from a transcultural-ecological perspective.

Massimo has extensive experience having worked in the Department of Internal Medicine of the University of Florence for 40 years as a researcher, consultant psychiatrist, psychotherapist and teacher. He was also Professor of Psychosomatics and Clinical Psychology in the Faculty of Medicine and of Clinical Psychophysiology in the Faculty of Psychology.

Teaching and training internationally, Massimo has worked in private practice since the ‘70s with a special emphasis on the inclusion of the body in the psychotherapeutic process.

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