Stacey Millichamp final

Trainer, Supervisor
Courses: Masters

Stacey has been an individual & couple psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer for many years in both private practice, organisational and training settings. She worked on the Leadership Team at the Findhorn Foundation, served as Clinical Director with the charity Teens & Toddlers and has been a long term group supervisor and trainer of the transpersonal field and depth work on the MA Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy at The Trust. She has taught group dynamics in several settings and in her teaching at the Trust incorporates field theory, developmental attachment theory and its interface with neuroscience, and relational approaches to complex psychopathology .

Stacey says: “The Psychosynthesis Trust has a long and distinguished history in the psychotherapeutic field, providing a consistently high quality of training that combines deep experiential enquiry with a solid grounding in clinical theory. The Trust's training is academically rigorous, personally challenging and far reaching for the students. Those who graduate through the Trust are taught both the art and science of these arenas, to fully equip them for the vocation of being a professional practitioner.”

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