Alannah Tandy-Pilbrow Final

Courses: PGDiploma

Alannah began her training as a psychosynthesis psychotherapist 28 years ago, and has been a senior trainer, supervisor and staff member at the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust for twenty-four years, teaching various seminars during this time.

After graduating as a psychosynthesis therapist she went on to immerse herself in Family Constellations work, and training as a constellations facilitator. It is the confluence of these two modalities that now forms the underpinning for the Family Systems seminars which Alannah put together for the training programme. Alannah finds facilitating this transpersonal and transgenerational work very fulfilling.

Alannah says "Assagioli's insights and maps depicting who and what we essentially are is my core model.
Twenty-eight years ago when I first came across Psychosynthesis and did the Essentials I felt as if I had 'come home', within me was a deep recognition of what was being taught and talked about. Soul qualities, meaning, propose and potential. Recovering the lost and chopped off parts and becoming more essentially who we really are as human BEINGS.”

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