Allan Frater

Core Trainer, Study Tutor
Courses: Essentials, Foundations, PGDiploma

Allan has been a core trainer at the Trust since 2011 and currently teaches on the Essentials, Foundation and Counselling Diploma programmes. Key subjects taught include: guided imagery, creativity, meditation and the will. In his teaching and psychotherapy practice he is interested in developing the ‘craft’ of a soul-centred approach, one that takes inspiration from the emphasis on imagination within Psychosynthesis and Jungian approaches, as well as the ecological and systemic perspectives of ecopsychology and complexity science.

His research interest in imagination began early in his training at the Trust, when a trainer began a guided imagery exercise with the invitation, ‘close your eyes and go inside’. He spent the whole session caught by the question, ‘How can imagination be inside me?’ The idea on an ‘inner imagination’ felt like a limitation. His MA dissertation ‘The Imagination Imagined’, explored the assumptions towards imagination in therapeutic theory and how different conceptions qualitatively shape imaginative experience. Allan continues to explore this area in his writing, videos and public events programme at the Trust, on the theme of ‘Wild Imagination’. Find out more:

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