Angie Fee

Core Trainer
Courses: Essentials, Foundations, PGDiploma, Masters

Dr Angie Fee is a UKCP registered psychotherapist and supervisor with clients in private practice, and 17 years teaching and supervising students on postgraduate counselling and psychotherapy courses. Angie’s studies have explored how western dualistic thinking influences how we experience and construct our sexual, spiritual and gender identities. Her research draws on the idea of 'trans' - as used in transpersonal and transgender - as a way of pointing to 'beyond / across / through'. This is illustrated in her MSc ( Spirit of Sexuality) and PhD thesis ( Transgender Identities) where the idea of ‘eros’ emerges as a way of thinking about the complexity and fluidity of desires and longings that underpin people’s lives.

Angie says: “As a student, I was drawn to Psychosynthesis as a model of unity which provided a framework for me to explore myself as a spiritual human being. The emphasis in the training lies in the importance of allowing our experiences to tell us what they mean, rather than impose premature theoretical understanding. For me, Psychosynthesis is not about believing yet another theory, but developing a practise where we can be mindful in stepping back from our beliefs systems and ideologies and seeing them as tools used to understand our experiences, rather than believing them to be who we really are.”

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