Duncan Lawrence

Visiting Trainer
Courses: PGDiploma

Duncan Lawrence(BA-Ed, MA-Counselling,DPA-Public Admin, FIFL, FCIEA, FRSA, FInstLM, FBACP and Registered MBACP)

Duncan has been shaped (personally and professionally) by his experiences of being a child growing up during the explosive and confusing civil rights moments of 60s America, then to growing up, living and working in the beautiful contradiction that is Alaska.

He has developed his integrated model for diversity, equality and inclusion within international settings such as mental health, counselling, social work, criminal justice youth work, education, business and leadership and the arts.

He welcomes the opportunities of the Trust to be able to regularly link diversity/inclusion/research theory with reflective practice and developmental opportunities.

Duncan says: “being part of developing quality counsellors and psychotherapists within a 'living history centre' continues to be a big big big professional draw for me...my past and present colleagues have added to and continue to add to Psychosynthesis. The Trust is continuing its aim of developing world class and dynamic counsellors and psychotherapist”

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