Gerry Millar v2 Final

Trainer, Supervisor
Courses: Foundations, PGDiploma

Gerry has 20 years experience as a psychosynthesis psychotherapist. He’s a trained group worker with more than 10 years experience, and has been a clinical supervisor for over 15 years. Gerry was a Senior Counsellor in a well-known charity for 5 years, and has held the same role in GP surgeries for the past 10 years. In his 10 years at the Trust he has held the roles of Study Tutor, Relational Dynamics Group Facilitator, and Training Supervisor.

Gerry says: “I believe that our learning environment at the Trust offers a rich and deep experience to anyone who takes part in its life, whether on a short course or a full counselling training. I've had the privilege of witnessing and assisting in the growth of numerous students. Each student must experience their own soul journey, often through dark places in order to experience greater insight and transformation in their lives. I too have grown and developed through these shared experiences.

The qualities I most associate with the Trust are Warmth, Community, Rigour, Respect, Holding, Caring, Commitment, Heart, Soul, Spirit, and Transformation."

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