Gian Montagna

Study Tutor
Courses: Foundations

With a background in business, Gian is a UKCP registered psychosynthesis psychotherapist with 12 years of working with clients in private practice, charitable organisations, and primary care.

His interests are in meditation, singing and creative expression, gender and sexuality, identity, and finding meaning while living with loss.

Gian's interest in Psychosynthesis started soon after moving to London, while he was looking for new meaning in his life away from the corporate sector. The light at the end of the tunnel for Gian came with the book Transpersonal Development by Roberto Assagioli. To Gian, Psychosynthesis encapsulates and supports his views and feelings of the world within and without, it's a psychology that speaks to the intellect and, even more importantly, to the soul. Gian never looked back!

Gian says: "Working as a study Tutor reminds me of my own experiences and journey as a student, and put me in touch with my enthusiasm for Psychosynthesis. I feel passionate about supporting trainee therapists and be part of the Trust academic community which offers a safe and supportive environment to foster both personal and professional development.

For me the Trust holds qualities of warmth, community, caring, support, love, professional development, soul, and humanness.”

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