Siobhan Tinker final

Courses: Masters

Siobhan has worked as a therapist since the nineties and has been a Supervisor and Trainer for many years. She has worked mainly in private practice with a broad range of adult clients. She came to the Trust to study for her Masters, has historically been in the roles of both Tutor and Supervisor and is now excited to be joining the training team. Siobhan brings twenty years of working with clients and a great deal of experience of teaching on training courses elsewhere. She also runs CPD workshops.

Siobhan says: "I am looking forward to furthering my relationship with the Trust. My sense is that it offers a respect and an honouring to its students and an opportunity for them to grow in wisdom, to develop robustness and realise their potential. The integrity of the individual and his or her spiritual journey is seen as key.

I have always enjoyed watching individuals develop into who they intrinsically are through training as well as through therapy. Certainly, I have felt that my own journey with the Trust has been one where purpose and meaning have been and still are at the core.”

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