Siobhan Tinker final

Courses: PGDiploma

Siobhan began her training on an integrative humanistic course before coming to psychosynthesis and she brings knowledge and skills from other models into her work. She has a wealth of experience in private practice, working with both long-term and short-term clients and as a supervisor. She has also worked for an in-house EAP and taught on counselling certificate and diploma courses - heading up a tutorial team on the latter for three years. Siobhan offers a number of private workshops both individually and with a colleague.

Siobhan says: “I very much enjoy being part of the programme team at the Trust. I love playing a role in the development of students and find being a training supervisor challenging and rewarding work. Working at the Trust and being part of the team keeps my thinking alive and helps deepen my reflection. For me, the Trust offers each individual student the chance to develop his/her potential within a supportive and stimulating environment. Each student is honoured as a soul on a purposeful journey.”

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