Viv Fogel

Courses: PGDiploma

Viv has been an Integrative Psychosynthesis psychotherapist since 1985, a supervisor since 1991 and on the PET training staff since the mid-90's. She currently teaches counsellors and psychotherapists, some within the NHS, to incorporate body-mind and psycho-energetic approaches - like EFT - into their clinical practice. She is also a mother, an artist and a published poet.

Viv Says: “I discovered Psychosynthesis when I was an art teacher in 1979 - and it was like coming home. Like the Heineken advert at the time - it reached the parts that no other approach (not lager!) had. It honoured my 'inner' voice and imagery and aligned me to my soul's purpose in life, but was also practical and made sense! Although I've explored and trained in many other disciplines I return to it still with gratitude and immense appreciation for the profound body of wisdom and truth it offers, and the effective tools it provides. It's a philosophy that I weave into everything I do or teach.”

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