• Jen Morgan

    Executive Director

    Jen’s background has been as a social entrepreneur and leader of change having had roles in the commercial and third sector. She brings knowledge and knowhow around social innovation, strategies for change and collaborative processes. She is fascinated by relationships, learning and human evolution and did her MSc thesis on ‘Relating for Change’. She is actively exploring her psychological and spiritual development as a student of the Ridhwan School. Jen joined the Trust in 2016 as Executive Director and her role is to help the Trust grow its work in the world.

    • Kim Shiller

      Programmes Director

      Kim Shiller works educationally, transculturally, therapeutically and in developing accessible curriculum and trainings, for groups, adults and young people in personal and professional development. She is a qualified counsellor and psychological coach (MSc) and her experience in quality assurance and training across different business sectors spans over 20 years. She brings her knowledge and experience from her role as Training and QA Director at Power 2 (formerly Teens and Toddlers). Kim is a graduate of the Psychosynthesis Trust, and has since been training our students for a number of years. Her particular interest in the transpersonal is in new paradigms of leadership and enabling change. She hopes to share her passion for learning and finding new ways to inspire. Kim has been involved with the Trust since 2001 and in her role as Programmes Director, looks forward to developing quality standards for our educational delivery, as well as nurturing and developing the next generation of counsellors and psychotherapists.

      • Neil Barnes

        Academic and Partnerships Manager

        Neil joined the Trust in 2018 as Programme Coordinator supporting the Trust Team, Trainers and Students in the ongoing development of core training and the learning experience. Neil's background has been in process and system development for finance, governance, education and healthcare. He is passionate about the transpersonal and narratives as paths to purpose and meaning.

        • Kathryn Reed

          Admissions Lead

          Kathryn joined the trust in 2019. She is a graduate of Psychology and has previous experience working within education, with a range of ages, and including experiences within higher education. She volunteered at University as “Mental Health Officer”, which involved running events to raise awareness and supporting student needs, as well as acting as a voice for the student body. Since graduating, Kathryn has had a keen interest in utilising her Psychological knowledge and passion for wellbeing in a rewarding role and environment, which she hopes to do at the Trust.

          • Krystal Joseph

            Programmes Administrator

            Krystal joined the Trust in 2020. She holds an MA in Psychodynamic Counselling and she is a Transcultural Counsellor, which means she is willing to understand and work with the different or similar cultural experiences and belief systems of her clients. Krystal has a range of experience working therapeutically within counselling agencies, and educationally with young people in schools and as a tutor. Krystal feels passionate about creating a balance between reflection and planning, within her life and the lives of others. She has created two digital planners, (The Reflexive Life Planner, and The Reflexive Counsellor Planner) to support people in planning their lives, and their counselling practices around their unique pace. Krystal joined the trust in 2020, her main role is to support the Programmes Team in its administrative needs.

            • Cat Allen

              Counselling Service Manager; Student Placement Service Manager

              Cat joined The Trust in 2020, working as a counsellor since 2008. Cat manages the Counselling Service at the Trust, her role as Counselling Service Manager requires her to work with both clients and therapists. Cat’s background is working within the NHS, Charity and private sectors. Cat has a passion for therapy and in particular providing a low-cost therapy service that is accessible to those that would otherwise struggle. In addition to this role, Cat works with clients and supervises therapists.

              • Madeleine Narciso

                Counselling Service Coordinator

                Madeleine’s background has been working for different corporate organisations within the financial sector and retail. She completed her postgraduate diploma at the Trust in 2017 and has been continuously involved with the Trust ever since by volunteering at the Counselling Service and assisting in various weekend seminars. Today she works alongside Cat to help the clients find the right therapist and support the running of the Counselling Service. In addition to this role, she works in private practice and in the NHS as a Psychosynthesis therapist.

                • Jamie Joyes

                  Finance and Operations Director

                  Jamie’s background is predominantly in retail, working for over 20 years in supermarkets at management level, with a range of experience around systems, trading activity and people. He has spent the last few years as the Chair of a multi-academy trust in East London, and is continuously working on projects to build new primary schools in high-density and deprived areas across the London Gateway. Jamie is captivated by the results that can be attained by a focus on values and people, he joined the Trust in March 2019 with a vision of establishing and maintaining the frameworks in finance and operations that will allow the Trust team to work as effectively as possible.

                  • Anandavajra (Jonathan) Turnbull

                    Community Host

                    Anandavajra’s background is in sales with experience of customer service and training roles. He is a former student of the Trust, having completed Essentials and the Foundation year back in 2004/2005. An accredited mediator, public speaking trainer and committed Buddhist, he looks to bring his skills and values to bear on his communication and his contribution to the communities that he’s part of. Anandavajra joined the Trust in 2018 as Community Host – as well as manning reception and overseeing building use, he’ll also be exploring ways to develop the community here at the Trust.

                    • Ray Scott


                      Ray Scott trained as painter and decorator from the age of 16 during a four year apprenticeship. He then went on to paint lighthouses, stately homes, council houses and over the years became skilled in carpentry. Ray also has 7 years’ experience working as a coal miner. Ray continues to work as a painter/decorator while working to keep everything running smoothly at the Trust. He repairs breaks, paints the building and supervises external contractors and cleaners that work at the Trust. Ray loves working in construction and maintenance; he sees it as a hobby rather than a job. Other hobbies of Ray’s include canoeing, cycling and picnics.