Andrew is a Psychologist, Coach and Leadership professional with more than 20 years’ experience maximising the performance of individuals and organisations. He is a Partner at The Performance Coach where he leads on Transpersonal Coaching, Health Coaching, and the organisation’s Leadership practice area.

Andrew’s original training was in psychology and along with extensive clinical experience he was a Senior Lecturer in Medical Education specialising in the areas of health psychology and behavioural medicine. He trained in Psychosynthesis in Australia and has delivered Psychosynthesis based development programmes to psychologists and therapists in many parts of the world.

He is also the pro-bono Director of WYSE International, an international NGO which uses the principles of applied Psychosynthesis to nurture potential in emerging leaders and inner and outer leadership. WYSE identifies and works with emerging leaders around the world and supports them to create change in their communities. In this role, Andrew is the organisation's representative to the United Nations.

Andrew’s coaching and training expertise has led him to work with leaders across the public, corporate and voluntary sectors. He is particularly interested in working with diverse groups and teams, and he has delivered training and undertaken consultancies with individuals from over 100 countries. He is also a faculty member in a number of University level training programmes in Coaching, Leadership and Conflict Resolution in the UK and in Europe.

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