Glyn Bottrell


The key guiding forces in Glyn’s life and career have been curiosity and deep care for people. As a result, he’s found himself living and working in a dozen countries in organisations of various sizes across diverse sectors. Over time it became clear that the thread running through the different experiences was an interest in leadership, people development and supporting change. Glyn now works independently in various ways that fulfil those interests, with an emphasis on conversation and relationship to create healthy organisations and communities.

Glyn discovered the Psychosynthesis Trust through his work, at a point where was a few years into a largely self-led journey of learning, discovery and life change. He recognised in psychosynthesis an expression of much of what he had experienced through this journey. The opportunity to become a Trustee coincided with a growing desire to bring all his experience to an organisation with the potential to offer the values and qualities the world desperately needs.

His hope for the Trust is that it can have a positive impact in the world in many ways and that it becomes a model for how an organisation can thrive as a result of its strong foundation of values and purpose.

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