Helen Chambers


With over 30 years of business experience, and after setting up her own consultancy and training business in 2004 Helen committed to undertake at least one voluntary trustee position at any time, and The Trust is the one she is now committed to.

Helen spends most of her time in a corporate environment, and finds the balance that working with the Trust brings is extremely beneficial, allowing a focus on soul and spirit as well as organisational effectiveness and governance to ensure that the Trust continues to develop and grow to support its people and its future.

Helen says: “The Trust has very strong people and value orientation of course. I am I think the only Trustee who is not qualified in Psychosynthesis (although I do hold qualifications in other relevant areas), and I see this as a positive. Part of our role as Trustees is to be objective, looking at areas such as finance, risk, compliance and the strategy for a secure future for the Trust, and I am able, I hope, to bring that objectivity from both experience and my ‘lay’ position..I find my time spent with the Trust liberating, challenging and exciting.”

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