John Hughes


John is an explorer of inner and outer worlds. After studying Natural Science, he worked in oil exploration surveying remote, and sometimes dangerous, desert regions. After his oil adventures, John worked in professional services as a management consultant where he specialised in Leadership and Complex Problem Solving. John currently works in the fields of dispute resolution, leadership development and strategy consulting.

John is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and a lifelong student of Cosmology. He is amazed that we exist at all and interested in the questions that follow, such as ‘What might life really be about? When all is said and done, what really matters? Why do we live our lives the way we do? What else might be possible?’ and so on. The Trusts pillars of Love, Will, Responsibility, Wholeness and Inquiry offer a useful and exciting way to explore these and many related questions.

John is keen to play an active part as a member of the Trust Community, exchanging experience, ideas and connections on a regular basis. He is committed to continue his personal growth and to support others on this quest, which is at the heart of the work of the Trust.

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