Penny Terndrup


Penny trained at the Trust (group 28), coming back to the fold years later as a trustee. She was originally practising as a solicitor, but for the last 20 years, as a search professional, especially in the legal sector.

Having lost contact with the Trust for a long time, coincidences collided, and once again, on joining the board, she felt like she'd come home. The Trust is a centre for change, creation and growth - a unifying centre itself. It has so much potential to affect lives positively and Penny is proud to be part of that, having experienced it at first hand.

Having been through a dynamic process itself, the future for the Trust is now truly energising, and Penny hopes that her commercial experience and background can help ground that future in reality. Penny has a young family, two cats and a dog, and lives in South West London.

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