Have a look at what some of our recent students have said about their experience of training at the Trust. The team works hard on delivering an excellent training, so it's great to hear about the results.

"Having completed the Foundation course this morning I would recommend it to anyone as a life-enhancing journey in itself, whether or not the intention is to go on to counselling training. Each one of us brought something unique and special, and the group has been a very rich experiential learning space where through each other we have learnt more about ourselves, with the wonderful support of inspiring and compassionate trainers and assistants."
- Hilary Stock
"It has been a deeply transformative journey on both spiritual and personal level. During my foundation year I got a chance to really see and start to understand myself. It brought me a lot of self-respect both towards myself and others. I managed to become softer and much more secure."
- Eliza Kopalak
"This course has given me the chance to grow and understand human relations in a way that I don't think would have been possible by myself reading books or going to therapy. Every weekend is very intense and gives the opportunity to understand underlying issues in the unconscious that affect my everyday decisions and actions. Having a better understanding of my reactions has helped me improve personal relations with those around me.
I think the Foundation year is imperative to becoming a counsellor since it has given me a complete understanding of how past experience has shaped my character and personality and the knowledge to learn how to bring every issue into awareness and work with it. In my opinion this is essential work for a counsellor to know how to guide clients.
I would recommend the course because it is the best gift I have ever given myself. The chance to explore my psyche is a rare luxury yet an essential one to achieve full well-being of mind/body and spirit."
- Lorena de la Torre
"The course has been an incredible adventure. The balance of experiential and academic work at the Trust makes this course truly unique and invaluable to personal development. Each weekend challenged me and provided me with insight and information I previously felt was out of reach, all in an environment where the experienced trainers support with ease and compassion. Having practiced meditation and been interested in psychology for years I expected some personal development from the course, but the change in my personal life and the more in depth understanding of myself has been rather phenomenal, which for me demonstrates the skill with which the trainers and the Trust teach and support you as an individual as well as a potential future practitioner."
- Chris Wilkinson
"Perhaps the most significant aspect of studying at the Psychosynthesis Trust is a sense of being in a place surrounded by like-minded individuals. The inclusive nature of the psychosynthesis model attracts those who are not only entering into the counselling profession but those who are looking to self-develop in their life’s journey, which makes the training exciting and motivating. We were taught by some of the most experienced and recognised trainers in this field who bring with them a wealth of knowledge and a real sense of the model that Assagioli himself pioneered. This inspiring work with the trainers and my peers, over the last 3 years, has allowed me to develop as an ethical and well-equipped counsellor. More than that, I have been given practical and fulfilling ways to use the Psychosynthesis model in my own life and that is something that will stay with me forever. It really is a profoundly life-changing counselling course."
- Nadia D
"The Advanced Diploma in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy takes you apart as a counsellor and puts you back together again as a psychotherapist. It challenges much of what you thought you knew from the counselling training and encourages you to think critically and integrate other perspectives and models into your way of working clinically. My learning on the Advanced Psychotherapy training has transformed my way of working with my clients. I have a much broader range of perspectives to draw from when thinking about my practice, and am much better equipped to work at depth with my clients. In addition to the enlightening and experiential training modules, the opportunity to do independent research in the dissertation year was hugely enriching. I'm glad to have had the experience and would highly recommend it as a next step for anyone interested in further developing as a practitioner."
- John Daniels