The training is an enriching process of becoming more of who you are – coming home to yourself, nurturing connection and honouring the soul in all human experience. It’s a journey of transformation, deepening and integration. A discovery of emerging purpose and meaning.

The teaching is alive, relational and engaging. To be a student at the Trust is to explore with courage and curiosity in a safe, contained and well held group. We value openness and experimenting as we learn from the inside out. We go into and engage deeply with human experience. It’s soul-based learning.

The training offers a map for navigating your experience and psychospiritual development and a clear, strong framework to make sense of being human.

Learning through direct experience ensures that the theory is embedded and embodied and that students engage deeply with their own experience to support healing and self-knowledge. It’s action learning.

Here, experience itself is the source of learning and development and we champion the spirit of enquiry.

Psychospiritual Development

Through increased awareness and freedom from some of our limiting patterns, we obtain greater choice, self-acceptance, peace, empathy and healthier relationships.

Following a path of psychospiritual development can lead to renewed connection with your true self, intuition, creativity and a greater sense of purpose and meaning in your life.

Your personal journey:

Professional Training

Accredited by BACP, UKCP and University awarded, the professional journey begins with personal exploration, gaining self-knowledge, building insight into psychospiritual development, and learning through experience.

This journey creates the foundation required to move into supporting others with their psychospiritual growth and healing as you embark on the Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling and the MA in Psychotherapy.

Your professional journey:



More about our courses

PsychosynthesisTrust Stage 1: Essentials of Psychosynthesis

Stage 1: Essentials of Psychosynthesis

  • Entry requirement: None

A four-day intensive course that offers a unique and empowering opportunity for personal growth and more

  • Starts:
  • Duration: 4 Days
PsychosynthesisTrust Stage 2: Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Foundations

Stage 2: Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Foundations

  • Entry requirement: Essentials of Psychosynthesis or equivalent

The Certificate in Psychosynthesis Foundations is a year-long course providing a depth of personal exploration and developing a psychosynthesis lens to navigate relationship and inner more

  • Starts:
  • Duration: One year part-time course
PsychosynthesisTrust Stage 4: Master of Arts in Professional Development - Psychotherapy

Stage 4: Master of Arts in Professional Development - Psychotherapy

  • Entry requirement: Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling, Postgraduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Studies or equivalent.

An additional two years of study for Postgraduate Diploma graduates which offers the opportunity for exciting academic research and further clinical practice under regular supervision to achieve Master's status and accreditation with more

  • Starts:
  • Duration: Two year part-time course
PsychosynthesisTrust Supervision: Diploma in Transpersonal and Integrative Supervision

Supervision: Diploma in Transpersonal and Integrative Supervision

  • Entry requirement: A recognised counselling or psychotherapy qualification. One year post qualification or 350 hours of clinical practice.

The Diploma in Transpersonal and Integrative Supervision is a year long training, equipping you to work with supervisees individually and in a group setting. Studying at the country's oldest psychosynthesis institution provides a unique depth and focus to the transpersonal aspect of the more

  • Starts:
  • Duration: Various modules across 12 months.
PsychosynthesisTrust  supervision Certificate in Relationship Counselling

Certificate in Transpersonal Couple & Relationship Counselling

  • Entry requirement: Counselling or Psychotherapy qualification, with a minimum of 200 clinical hours or two years post qualification experience..

The Certificate in Transpersonal Relationship Counselling is a 6 module course for counsellors and psychotherapists who want to develop the skills, techniques and stance more

  • Starts:
  • Duration: 6 months / 6 weekends