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The Certificate in Psychosynthesis Foundations is a year-long course providing a depth of personal exploration and developing a psychosynthesis lens to navigate relationship and inner experience. It provides you with a sophisticated take on the psychospiritual journey as you learn psychosynthesis theory and embody it through direct experience.

Who is it for?

This course is for people who want a more committed approach to their self-development and membership of a group of like-minded students. It's for people who want to build increased personal awareness and effectiveness, gaining tools to apply to other professions like coaching, management, leadership or social work. The Foundation year is an important stage in embarking on the professional training to become a counsellor or psychotherapist.

What do I get from it?

  • The insight and tools to bring about personal transformation and growth
  • A toolbox for life and work
  • Renewed connection to self, purpose and meaning
  • The foundations to embark on the postgraduate diploma
  • A depth of self-knowledge and healing
  • A greater understanding of your relationships
  • Counselling skills

The aims of the programme

  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of the psychosynthesis theories of early development, personality formation and establishment of identity and to interface this model with other theories of ego and self-development
  • Analyse and understand the relationship and interdependency of body, feelings, mind and soul in the context of mental health
  • Evaluate and conceptualise the experience of self, life and others within the transpersonal framework of psychosynthesis
  • Initiate a study of the transpersonal dimension, including an awareness of superconscious content and the evocation of potential and meaning as essential components of psychological health
  • Learn the basic skills of counselling and to experiment with the application of psychosynthesis methods and techniques in a safe environment, where self, peer and tutor analysis and feedback can be given
  • Undertake an in-depth self exploration which promotes self understanding and personal responsibility, including reflection on, and analysis of, earlier life experiences and their influence on the present moment.
    • Application steps:

      • 1. You pay £50 deposit/interview fee (non-refundable)
      • 2. Send your completed application form to the Trust, including:
      • a. Two written references
      • b. One digital passport style photograph
      • 3. You will be invited to participate in an interview
      • 4. The Trust confirms your interview outcome
      • 5. Successful interviewees complete course application with course fee payment
      • 6. The Trust confirms your application outcome

      Entry Requirement

      Essentials of Psychosynthesis or equivalent, suitable experience and ability to handle study


      A certificate of study will be awarded upon the successful completion of the Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Foundations, after which participants will be eligible to apply for a further two years of study leading to the Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling

      Leads To

      Prerequisite for Postgraduate Diploma training

      Programme Structure

      The programme is a double module, with three components:

      Main topics

      • Integration and Subpersonalities
      • The 'I' and the Sense of Identity
      • Childhood and the Unconscious
      • The Body
      • Sexuality and Gender
      • The Creative Use of Pain, Crisis and Failure
      • Self-Realisation and Psychological Disturbances
      • The Cultivation of the Will
      • Interpersonal Psychosynthesis
      • Principles and Practice of Meditation
      • Basic Counselling Skills
      • Written Expression and Academic Study

      Identity and Transformation an introduction to the main psychosynthesis models and principles, and how these may be applied to exploring and understanding the formation and transformation of personality and identity within a transpersonal context.
      Core Counselling Skills an introduction to the principles and practices of face to face counselling skills.
      Self and Group Development psychospiritual, emotional and soul journey of self-discovery towards personal confidence, maturity and relational competence, making use of psychosynthesis as a core model.
Fee 4,155

Pay in Full Discount: 3,995

Private study, written assignments, 30-40 individual therapy sessions
Participants are introduced to various methods, including creative visualisation, free drawing, the training of the will, physical expression, writing, disidentification, meditation, gestalt chair work, group process and interpersonal work.
In a year-long series of sessions, personal growth is addressed systematically within the dynamics of the group. As individual psychospiritual development deepens, participants learn to apply psychosynthesis principles and methods to their interpersonal relationships. During this process, participants are encouraged to take increasing responsibility for expanding self-awareness and directing self-expression.
Individual therapy is a required part of the course and highly recommended as a way of further integrating the learning of the course itself. This is especially so for participants who anticipate continuing with the Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling, which requires individual therapy alongside the Diploma's academic and professional input to achieve minimum professional standards. To gain entry into the Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling, we expect participants to have completed a minimum of 30 hours individual work by the end of the Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Foundations. The Trust offers a team of psychosynthesis therapists.
Foundation Year: minimum 30 hours of personal therapy - with either a MBACP/ BACP accredited therapist or a UKCP registered therapist

Post Graduate Diploma: minimum 80 hours across 2 years - with an accredited BACP or registered UKCP therapist

Advanced Diploma: Minimum 160 hours with a UKCP registered therapist (of which 80 hours need to be completed prior to starting the course)

If you are considering training through to Advanced Diploma level we recommend you discuss with your therapist to provide context and support your decision.
Allan Frater

Angie Fee

Brian Graham

Claudia Businaro

Dermod Moore

Diana Whitmore

Fiona Walkingshaw

Heather Wignall

Jena Wrigley

John Daniel

Keith Silvester

Kim Shiller

Lydia Greatrex

Piero Ferrucci

Rosie Manton

Sophia Prevezanou
Duration & Attendance
One year part-time over 10 weekends in either block format (Friday-Monday) or intermonth format (Friday-Sunday plus 2 weekday evenings per month)
Next intake:September 2020

I would recommend the foundation year to anyone as a life-enhancing journey in itself

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