E Braun

Courses: FDN

With a background in healthcare and over 14 years of working as a therapist, Elisabeth has always had an interest in physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health. Born and raised in Southern Germany, Elisabeth’s interest in the transpersonal brought her to Findhorn, a spiritual community in Scotland, in the late 80s. From here she began work with the Rainbow Trust supporting and guiding families with a dying child, before training at the Trust.

A part of the programme team since 2007, Elisabeth enjoys being part of an organisation that trains people to become psychosynthesis practitioners, and being with people who want to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. She works to bring the transpersonal into everyday life, to live more consciously and to support the bringing together of inner and outer reality.

Elisabeth says, “The Trust provides an opportunity to participate in a learning community. Our training programme offers many opportunities for growing in linear and non-linear ways, It is a joy and a challenge to explore depth and details with my colleagues and students.”

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