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This event series has now ended. If you participated in autumn 2018 there is one more opportunity to re-engage with the theme of embodiment and embeddedness:

A half day workshop
Event dates & time: Saturday 1st February, 9am – 1pm

Free Learning Reflection Workshop:

This follow-up learning reflection workshop is free, optional and open those who attended any event within the Embodied and Embedded event series in 2018 (please see a list of the events below). This workshop is an opportunity to discuss and share what branches of enquiry the material has inspired in our lives over the winter months. Allan Frater will facilitate the morning and offer some further reflections on his own journey with ‘Wild Land Dreaming’.

The workshop will support previous participants to:

– Re-engage with the powerful themes explored in this series
– Reflect on how this series has influenced your way of being in the world and in your body since
– Build connections with and learn from others on a journey towards more embodied living

To find out more and register through Eventbrite please click here.

Here's a list of the events within this series that took place in autumn 2018:
We Are All Body Psychotherapists! A Talk by Nick Totton, 28 Sept 2018
The Inner Child Breaks Out – A Talk by Allan Frater, 12 Oct 2018
Eco-psychology: Embodying Ancient Wisdom for Ecologically Embedded Living – A Talk by Paul Maiteny, 23 Nov 2018
Wild Land Dreaming – A Workshop by Allan Frater, 1 Dec 2018