Embodied and Embedded website

Embodied: The importance of embodiment has long been recognised within psychosynthesis and the wider therapy world. Awareness needs to touch our whole being, our sensing aliveness, not just our minds. It needs to go bone-deep. Language-based understanding is just not enough for lasting change.

Embedded: What is perhaps less emphasised, and will be made explicit throughout the series, is the embedded sense of belonging and participation with the encompassing world that opens up to us through our embodiment.

Embodied and Embedded This series of three talks and a day workshop bring together perspectives on embodied and embedded from body therapy, transpersonal and ecopsychology approaches, and imaginative and story-based explorations.

Who is it for? These are public events and will be of interest to therapists, counsellors, coaches, leaders of change etc. and anyone interested in exploring embodiment and embeddedness in their life and work.

How the series will support you: Over the autumn this special series will offer participants a chance to learn from pioneering thinkers and practitioners, an opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals and space for personal exploration.

Tickets will be sold on an individual event basis or as a series (combined ticket is discounted).

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certificates will be provided on request to those who attend the Wild Land Dreaming workshop.

Free Reflection Workshop: In early 2019 there will be a free follow-up Reflection Workshop for participants who have attended the Wild Land Dreaming workshop plus at least one other talk from the series. Further details on this offering to be announced soon.

For more information about each event and to book through Eventbrite please click on the below links:

1. We Are All Body Psychotherapists! – A Talk by Nick Totton

2. The Inner Child Breaks Out – A Talk by Allan Frater

3. Trans-personal Eco-psychology: Embodying Ancient Wisdom for Ecologically Embedded Living – A Talk by Paul Maiteny

4. Wild Land Dreaming – A Workshop by Allan Frater