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  • Location: Psychosynthesis Trust
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A 1 day Family Systems Constellation Workshop with facilitator, Matt Shepheard. 

Date: Saturday 25 May 2019

Time: 10.00 - 17.30

Cost: Issue Holder £125 (limited to 4 people) / General Participant £65 (limited to 12 people)

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We are all born into a family tribe that has a past, present and future. This tribe has its own rules of belonging, both conscious and unconscious, which influence and impact us as individuals.

The family story, the experience of our parents, grandparents and ancestors creates a web of relationships across time with its own patterns, possibilities and limitations. These underlying dynamics often operate in our blind spot.

Through listening to the wider family system, we begin to see the greater whole of which we are a part and surface the hidden dynamics at play in our lives.

Who is this for?

Attendees can either book a place as an “Issue Holder” or “General Participant”.

As an Issue Holder, you will work directly with Matt to explore your personal or professional challenge, supported by the rest of the group.

As a General Participant you will experience the systemic constellations as a representative in the family system of an issue holder developing your capacity to listen to the Field.

These roles differ and both can lead to deep and meaningful discovery, connections and change.

Why be an Issue Holder?

  • You may feel restricted, limited or blocked in some way. Perhaps you feel you are not free to be yourself or live your own life
  • You may have a sense that you carry a burden and yearn for more freedom, movement or change
  • You may be aware of a repeating pattern or difficulty in personal or professional relationships
  • You might feel cut off from creativity, life force or intimacy
  • Maybe you want to support the conditions for you and your children to flourish

Why be a General Participant?

  • Experience the insights, healing and changes that arise from participating in systemic constellations
  • Expand your view on how people are impacted by their family tribe
  • Build your capacity for embodied intuition and sensing the Connecting Field
  • Connect to diverse experiences of being human
  • Gain insights into the nature of different relationships between family members
  • Stand in the shoes of different people, building a deeper more intelligent empathic capacity
  • Work with other ways of knowing beyond the cognitive


Your arrival at the Trust

If you book to attend please arrive at the Trust at 9.45am for a prompt start at 10.00am.


Introducing the facilitator, Matt Shepheard:

Matt’s work is based on the underlying dynamics that shape human systems and the impact of these unconscious dynamics on the people who belong to the system, whether a family, organisation or other group.

His work is rooted in the theory and practice of systemic constellations and transpersonal psychotherapy, and his experience of working as a leader in organisations.

Matt has been supporting people in their personal and professional growth and development for the last 12 years as a therapist, systemic coach, facilitator and (former) Programmes Director of Psychosynthesis Trust.

He has recently published a chapter in the 2nd edition of the Handbook of Coaching Psychology on the systemic constellations approach to coaching.

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