Alannah Tandy-Pilbrow Final
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A 2 day family systems constellations workshop with senior facilitator Alannah Tandy-Pilbrow.

Alannah has been working and training in the Family Constellations approach with Bert Hellinger, Hunter Beaumont, Albrect Mahr, as well as many other senior leading figures in this field for 21 years.

17th & 18th June

Issue bringer place £170
Attendee and representative place £85

Most of us have a tendency to long for our lives to be different in some way than they actually are, which is often connected to love, or it’s absence, which of course take place in our relational world.

• Find solutions to unresolved issues in your life.
• Understand your family from a larger perspective.
• Identify hidden information, releasing the flow of creative energy and love.
• Access the healing potential inherent in the “knowing field”
• Discover strength and support from your ancestors

In constellation workshops participants have the opportunity, using other members of the group as representatives, to set up their own family members. This method is used to explore and uncover the more subtle dynamics, often unspoken and unseen, that affect our behaviour and lives. It can be that the causes of our difficulties do not necessarily originate with us.

By opening to the larger truths of our ancestors, we can bring to light and observe the influence and effects from these situations and events, which in turn can affect an individual, a current relationship, or the family. As the entanglements or hidden dynamics come to light, we gain a much larger perspective, and clearer understanding.

The value of being a representative in others’ constellations, as well as observing the work as it unfolds, provides the opportunity for personal insight, as well as developing and deepening your own awareness. This happens through exploring often unacknowledged or hidden aspects within the family system.

Perspectives shift. This can be powerful, profound, challenging, inspiring and liberating, and opens the way for life-supporting and enhancing solutions.

Alannah is an experienced UKCP Registered Transpersonal Psychotherapist and has been a senior trainer and staff member at the Psychosynthesis Trust for the last 26 years, and is also a student of The Diamond Approach.