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  • Location: Piero Ferrucci: The Enigma of Beauty
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The Enigma of Beauty: A Piero Ferrucci Lecture

16th March 6.30pm-9.30pm

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In this 2 hour lecture, Psychosynthesis Author, Trainer and Psychotherapist, Piero Ferrucci will discuss the quality of "beauty". The evening will include a mediation and time for questions.

The experience of the beautiful has an extraordinary power to make us happy, stimulate our intelligence, and change our perception of ourselves and the world. But beauty is elusive, enigmatic, controversial. What is more, this precious resource is often forgotten. To neglect beauty can cause us various form of distress, such as depression, anxiety, or chronic irritation: it is precisely what happens when, out of hurry or distraction, we ignore a vital need of ours. To give beauty the place it deserves in our life is an easy goal to achieve, and it is of crucial relevance.


    • Eva Sanner

      Dear friends, will the lecture be recorded? Curious, but far from Gothenburg in Sweden….love, Eva

      • The Trust

        Hi Eva – we will make an audio recording and then share that.

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