Bridges and Connections

Bridges and Connections

I have been asked to write a few words to share my experience of a recent open event A LEARNING JOURNEY TO THE LUCIS TRUST, at the request of the Psychosynthesis Trust.

So firstly I would like to introduce myself (“Out of the past, in the present, towards the future”, Roberto Assagioli (RA)). I am a graduate (2004) of the Trust having trained in Groups 28 and 29. I now work as a self employed counsellor in Tunbridge Wells and Cranbrook, in Kent. I am passionate about guiding others into a higher sense of themselves, through the Self, to connect with that place, to experience a taste of joy and serenity, as RA said “joy and serenity, I offer them to you as a gift”. I’m driven and guide others to live a little more from the Directors chair, where we can have the drama rather than it having us.

Alongside my early training I joined the Sundial House Trust Group for Creative Meditation, a group set up by RA and others in the 1950’s with connections to Alice and Foster Bailey, Nancy Magor and Michal Eastcott, who were also co-workers in the Tunbridge wells Arcane school.

As my own journey continued I became part of the Wisdom Study Group which was formed to facilitate and promote William Meader, an International teacher and philosopher from America, with his UK work around Esoteric Philosophy and the study of Esoteric Psychology, as well as the works of DK and Alice Bailey.

So now to the present, and the meeting at the Lucis Trust (Arcane school) located in Whitehall Court, London SW1A 2EF. The afternoon began with introductory talks about their work , purpose, goals and aspirations, continuing with the connections of RA and the history of the Lucis trust, based around the works of Alice Bailey, in collaboration with DK (the Tibetan), some 24 books (The Blue Books) were produced in the 1930’s and 40’s. RA became a member of this group working and studying with Alice Bailey, they both had an interest in Theosophy and the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. RA was to bring the Esoteric into mainstream psychology by creating Psychosynthesis, a psychology with a Soul, helping to bring the formless into form, using it as a transpersonal psychological tool in working with individuals, groups and social institutions etc.

We continued the afternoon discussing such matters as “Good Will” and the “Will to Good”, a blending of Love and Will moving into Intelligent Action, the connection between the seven Rays and The Ways, Astrology, and healing, New world Theology, Invocation and Evocation, how energy follows thought, and thought form building, Raja Yoga and ultimate Synthesis.

So for me it became more apparent of the bridges between the two Trusts and their roles in Service, Study and Meditation, said to be the three legs of the Directors stool. We concluded that part of the afternoon with an open discussion around the future, how Good will can cause a cleavage, bringing the Shadow into the Light, where hopefully a New Way can be found, and how we can manifest that, to help build a better future for humanity. We were then given a guided tour of their offices, library, and printing room concluding with a meditation: “Group Radiation of Energy”.

So in conclusion my over riding experience was of the connections and bridges between the Trusts, and the wisdom of RA, the relevance of the Ageless wisdom, its importance in the present and its foresight for the future. The need for us to work and support each other, as we journey on this vertical spiral shining a little more Light upon the way, much needed in these very challenging times.
Thank you.

With Kind Thoughts,

John Marriott

NB …as Roberto Assagioli said “there is no certainty, there is only adventure”

And yet …"calm calm we are in eternity..."

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