Looking back, looking forward – A reflection of 2017 and for 2018

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Reflecting on 2017 – what happened?

Clarity – this is an important word that sums up 2017 for the Trust.

It is becoming clear to more and more people that the Trust has something important to offer in our challenging times. In 2017 our student numbers grew to over 130 people – this compares to 75 students in 2015. Our counselling services and Low Cost Clinic grew as well. This year 35% more clients were helped through the services -the Low Cost Clinic grew by more than 50%! We attribute this growth not only to the need in the world but also to the high level of commitment and engagement of our staff, trainers and counselling service members. In 2017, we paid attention to putting processes in place to deepen relationships and to improve communication in our community.

It also became clear in 2017 that developing and codifying our curriculum is very important for the evolution of our work. We started a 12 month curriculum review project that will look at how we can continue to build on our professional programmes and clarify the ‘what’ and ‘how’ we teach. In terms of quality and standards of our curriculum, we also undertook our 5 yearly UKCP course reaccreditation process in 2017, setting up the next 5 years of collaboration with UKCP on our PGdip and MA. Thanks to everyone who was involved in supporting this detailed and rigorous process!

Our library is a great resource for our student community and we spent time in 2017 making it more accessible and easier to use.

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During 2017, new content themes were developed and offered such as through the eco-psychology workshops. It was an important year for the Trust in becoming more ‘open and inclusive’ - we stepped out and marched in the Pride in London Parade. We hosted a community learning journey to the Freud Museum. We helped to grow the field of psychosynthesis through our support of European Federation for Psychosynthesis and Psychotherapy (EFPP) and by attending the EFPP Summer School in Cologne.

Last year, through our strategic review process which involved the Trust community, we gained clarity on our organisational purpose, values and impact goals for the coming years. As an education charity, we are here ‘to help people to become more of who they are’ and we believe we can manifest this through valuing ‘wholeness, responsibility, enquiry, love and will’. In 2018 we will be paying a lot of attention to developing our culture that will help us to fully live our purpose.

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2017 also was a year of transition in getting ready for the next phase of our evolution. It was the first year since 2011 that we had an Executive Director position. This role is helping the Trust to develop its strategy, culture, learning and resourcing. Last year we also invested in developing our operational foundations through bringing on board a new Director of Finance and Operations in September. There were a few challenges along the way with several staff changes, however the Trust now has a core operations team in place that is working really well together. This team is backed by our Board of Trustees, who in 2017 as part of their work, started a project to review ‘Board Effectiveness’.

2017 also ended in a significant transition for one of the Trust’s beloved teachers and elders– Massimo Rosselli who sadly passed away just after Christmas.

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Looking forward to 2018 – the adventures ahead!

We are really excited about the year ahead! Visibility - this is a key word for us in 2018 as we feel that now is the time to become more visible in the world and find ways to help more people.

One way we will be more visible will be to continue to expand our social media work. This, along with other communications activity, will be supported by a new Communications Manager post that will be in place in early 2018. We’ll be keen to involve our community in our communications – to help to spread the word of psychosynthesis and Trust programmes and events- so watch this space for ways to get involved!

In 2018, we intend to continue to support and build our student body through our training programmes – ranging from the Essentials of Psychosynthesis (which are now frequently oversubscribed) through to our advanced trainings This will be enabled through ongoing capacity building and development of our training community.

2018 will also be about hosting more events, CPD offerings and training. Our events are posted on our website so stay tuned in to sign up for events that interest you.

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In addition to building on existing programme offerings, we will experiment with prototyping new programmes in new markets. Some key themes we’d like to consider exploring include global psychosynthesis, diverse identities, working with shame and shadow, death and love and will. We will host this innovation process in a way that is participative and supports the needs of the community. Please do get in touch if you have ideas you’d like to share for development.

Last year’s second floor upgrade and new fresh signage has made a positive impact on our space. In 2018, we are excited to continue to improve our physical space at Tooley Street so that it is more effective and inspiring. This will include a refurbishment of the reception, ground floor and basement. Although the planning process will start in 2018, the physical work is intended to take place in 2019. Next year we will spend more attention on offering even better customer service to our room renters so they can use the Trust as their preferred practice ground.

In the year ahead, we will continue to invest in improving our organisational processes to become more effective and to support a culture of action learning. We believe that the Trust is a living organism that is constantly evolving so we will develop our strategy in a way that ‘listens’ to the systemic whole. 2018 will also be about being rigorous in making the most of our resources - including financial – so that we can continue to grow our work - long into the future.

We hope you have enjoyed this looking back, looking forward. We are really proud of what we have accomplished last year and we look forward to developing our collective work together in 2018– in helping people become more of who they are!

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