The Path to Spiritual Activism –  An Extract from Awaken the Will to Love

An extract from Uta Gabbay's book 'Awaken the Will to Love'

It is Love which heals and unites our world, and it is Will which makes sure it gets done.

A great planetary transformation is under way as our old world is falling apart.

This is not an easy time for anyone on this planet, and yet it is also a great opportunity for each of us. It forces us to fall back on our own resources, on the power of our own hearts and minds. We have the choice to either radically transform and upgrade ourselves and become agents of change, or be passively and cluelessly swept along.

This book is for people who want to seize the day, for themselves and for our world. It provides a step-by-step guide to shape up for planetary transformation, on three levels: in our personal lives, as members of groups, and as participants in the collective.

Built on the model of Psychosynthesis in combination with the technique of meditation, it provides a new way to understand the human being – with all our patterns and powers – and a clear and logical sequence of procedure to manage the patterns and awaken the powers into much higher functioning.

This method is based on a simple fact: ‘Energy follows thought’. This means that wherever we focus our attention is where action will take place. There, something will happen. It boils down to the fact that by learning to direct our inner life we can direct our outer reality. Psychosynthesis explains the inner mechanism and meditation supplies the 'technology' to effectively run it.

The first part of the book provides a step-by-step program of personal transformation. Each step is accompanied by meditative exercises, which are potent tools of inner change, forged through years of work with many individuals and groups.

As we change and expand our consciousness, our own personal happiness cannot remain an isolated island. We cannot really be happy if our family is not happy as well. And our nation cannot really flourish if our neighbours do not flourish alongside us.

Together, we will begin to grasp the fact that, truly, all is related. Humanity struggles to shift from separation consciousness to relation consciousness. Relation consciousness will then naturally bring about peace.

For me, that big word – ‘peace’ – translates into coherence, or wholeness, starting with each individual integrating their heart and mind and will into a harmoniously functioning whole. The Hebrew word Shalom – ‘peace’ – literally translates to wholeness. When many such islands of wholeness connect, they strengthen each other and build up towards a critical mass.

Thus, the agents of this planetary shift are awakened, empowered human beings, motivated towards the common good.

This process is taken to the next level when we learn to work as groups; groups, when functioning as coherent wholes, become magnets with a much greater transformative power and a much wider field of influence.

The later part of the book takes up the process of building such ‘transformation groups’ as catalysts for personal development and as potent instruments of service to the wider collective. Groups, when working together, can transform collectives.

The principles of transformation are the same for individuals, groups, and collectives. Peace is a process with underlying laws and a logical sequence, in which each of us can and must participate. We cannot wait any longer for the right political leader to finally make it happen.

My passion to contribute to this peace pulled me out of my native Germany at an early age and planted me in Jerusalem for thirty-five years, during which time I founded the Hechal Centre for Universal Spirituality. Hechal means ‘sacred space’ in Hebrew. It started out as a school for meditation and took on additional layers over the years that followed. Beyond running meditation courses for the various populations in Jerusalem, our collegial team became a laboratory for the science of group work. This work has further evolved into an experiment of what some call ‘spiritual activism’: we employ our inner powers of heart, mind, and will in group formation and in cooperation with coworkers around the world, on behalf of the common good.

One such project is our work with Jerusalem. Our regular online meditation meetings are like a rhythmical administering of a medicine.

The cure, as we said, is love.

Relation consciousness.

The New Jerusalem is simply the open human heart. There, separateness is transcended into oneness. Love thy neighbour as thyself. But it takes more than the romantic sentiment we often associate with this phrase; it implies quite the opposite, in fact. This work demands a rigorous discipline: on the one hand not to be afraid to feel the pain of what is happening in Jerusalem every day, keeping a vulnerable, loving heart; and on the other, to be quite above these daily happenings, detached, holding the much wider picture, the intended vision of a Jerusalem of right relations among all inhabitants.

That requires standing with full intention and with full strength and presence. It is an act of will. It involves taking a firm stand for right relations, for peace. It means to affirm the common good within our thoughts, feelings and actions. It is a daily practice of cultivating in ourselves both will and love. When we sustain that, the two are forged into a synthesis, which we call The Will to Love.

Take a moment …


Contemplate this phrase: ‘The Will to Love’. It connotes in actuality the decision to be a peace-commanding presence. Remain a moment longer with trying on the decision to be a peace-commanding presence. Sense the potency of it.


This is the ‘medicine’ we administer to the field of Jerusalem every week. Our Jerusalem online work is open once a month, at the new moon, to participants from all around the globe, and everyone is welcome.

Similar global initiatives are springing up everywhere. The Will to Love, the synthesis of the first ray of will and power and the second ray of love and wisdom, is needed everywhere. It is Love which heals and unites our world, and it is Will which makes sure it gets done.

When we start caring for our world at large, we become fired by a higher cause, purpose and will than our own. A stronger will wakes up in us and starts to work through us. We say a resounding Yes!

Yes, I will stand for the common good.

People everywhere standing in the Will to Love, becoming a peace-commanding presence – this is the new bottom line. It is this inner attitude or alignment which, underneath the disintegrating forms of our old world, becomes gradually visible. We are on the way to becoming awakened, empowered human beings. For those who have eyes to see, the Conscious Self of humanity is in process of taking the reins in hand.

(Awaken The Will To Love, slightly adapted from pages 7-10 and 98-100)

Uta Gabbay is the founder and director of the Hechal Centre for Universal Spirituality in Jerusalem where she has worked as psychotherapist, meditation teacher and spiritual activist for over 20 years. She has written various articles and spoken at conferences in Israel, Palestine, Europe and the US.
Since 2014 Uta is back in Europe, engaged in diverse writing projects and learning to cooperate with the subtle worlds, while continuing her spiritual activism related to Jerusalem and other projects.

Purchase Awaken the Will to Love online here.

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